Wednesday, September 04, 2002

It is very splendid to have an interaction with a
Katydid, particularly when one has never seen one before. But now I have seen two. The first katydid flew onto my porch, late at night. It was a strong flyer, back legs hanging akimbo, with a blunt round head and tiny pin-prick maroon eyes. Its wings were amazingly like leaves. When at rest, the wings looked like two deep-green basil leaves pressed together, right down to the dark patterning of veins. It is quite astonishing to hold out one's hand and have a katydid delicately clamber onto one's finger so that one can look and look and look. Its antennae were quite long and exquisitely sensitive and slender. This first katydid was an Angle-Winged Katydid. The second katydid was basking in the sun on the brick wall of the side window of the China Trough, where I was going to eat lunch with S. and E. The head was slim and tapered down to a brisk point, and it was lighter in color -- more of an apple-jade green, really -- with longer, slimmer, more rectangular wings than the rounded basil-leaf-shaped wings of the Angle-Winged Katydid. This katydid was a Nebraska Conehead Katydid. I once again offered my finger, and the katydid stepped right on with it's pincer-gripped feet, but I had to put it back immediately because S. and E. were around the corner waiting to partake of the lunch trough, and I knew that everyone was exceedingly hungry. I heard S. exclaim, "Where did she go?" and E. replied, "I think she found an insect," and I felt somewhat chagrined that I was holding up the show to ogle insects. Perhaps one of the most splendid things of all about katydids is that they have slits for ears on the insides of their elbows.
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