Wednesday, September 11, 2002
Let Me Put My Nose Up Your Nose

It is very disruptive when a
Certain Cat wakes one up in the middle of the night by poking one in the face with her exceedingly pokey claws, or by simply kneading on one's face outright while trying to chew on one's ear, all the while purring in a very self-satisfied way. Or sometimes this same cat drinks out of the aquarium with big, noisy, slurpy gulps -- as if one never bothered to put out fresh Brita-filtered water for her every day in the water dish -- so that she must resort to drinking water flavored with capers of fish poop because she is so thirsty, after which she then comes and stomps all over one's pillow with her suspiciously damp paws. Or sometimes she stands over one's head, peering at one in a slightly intent but cross-eyed way, and then sniffs one's eyelids, then one's mouth, with tickling whiskers that make one want to sneeze, and finally decides to enthusiastically shove her cold, damp snout up one's nostril. I mean, what is that? I love you so much I've absolutely got to stick my nose up your nose?? But sometimes she tucks herself up in a soft ball under one's chin, with a paw resting in the palm of one's hand, or she gently pushes her forehead up against one's forehead and purrs. And how could that not make one happy?
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