Friday, September 26, 2003

Having an unfortunate penchant for whimsical hats, I couldn't resist snapping up a whimsical, albeit ultimately
ridiculous hat while in Canada . . . all silly and red, and shaped like a Maple leaf. Did I mention that it's utterly, mortifyingly, and ludicrously ridiculous? The thing of it is, though, I also discovered, while in Canada, that this ridiculous hat possesses heretofore unknown and unsuspected special properties, thus rendering it a Good Luck Writing Hat. And now if I'm having difficulty writing, I must make absolutely sure to wear aforementioned hat in order to get out of said writerly pickle. In fact, I've found that it's really not a bad idea at all to simply put on the Good Luck Writing Hat and keep it on my head at all times while working. (I do, however, need to start making sure to take off the hat prior to leaving my house in future, I'm thinking.) I have a bit of a conundrum on my hands, however. Having made the felicitous discovery of the special properties of the Good Luck Writing Hat before I had the opportunity to snip the hook, tag, and price tag off the top, I am now concerned that if I were to snip off the tags, I might inadvertently damage (or, worse yet, remove in toto) the efficaciousness of the hat. And it seems a bit dicey, if not downright disastrous, to to run the risk of ruining a perfectly good Good Luck Writing Hat. On the other hand, the tags are somewhat annoying, and weigh down the top point of the maple leaf . . . thus, arguably, perhaps even interfering with peak performance of the Good Luck Writing Hat! So . . . do I snip? Or . . . should the Good Luck Writing Hat remain intact?

Pics of the Day: Coulees at Popson Park - Lethbridge, Alberta; Deer (just casually sitting on the front lawn of the warden's house) - Waterton, Alberta; and Dragonfly - Coalhurst, Alberta
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