Saturday, June 26, 2004

An enjoyable couple of days . . . went to the VLP poetry slam yesterday, and saw all sorts of people, which was nice. Snuck off to slam down a quick beer with Eileen and Robin during the break, which felt vaguely illicit . . . sort of like drinking in the bathroom during high school or something. Hee.

Tonight, Susan and Cathy invited me over for dinner. Oh . . . it was SO good . . . there was fresh Greek salad with green peppers, tomatoes, Greek olives, cucumbers, and Feta cheese. There were shrimp skewers with fresh shrimp in the shell marinated in garlic, lemon juice, and olive oil. There was roasted chicken breast, also marinated in the same sauce. Got to visit with the Special Dog Friends, who made a big gratifying fuss when I came over--complete with grunting, jumping, nose biting, licking, and quarreling over distribution of pets.

Afterwards, I went to Chalky's to meet up with Eileen and Robin for a drink. They are both wonderful, and bought multiple copies of my book, which is really too good of them!

Now my hair is wreathed in cigarette smoke, which is vaguely disconcerting. Part of me finds the smell completely offensive, while another part of me is totally jonesing for a cigarette.

People were playing darts at Chalky's, and I wished that I had thought to bring my darts. Not only do I own my own darts, but I have flights that say Dart Bitch. I play very rarely any more, but I think it's safe to say that I pissed away a not altogether insignificant portion of my late 20's throwing darts at a pleasingly squalid bar called the Video Saloon in Bloomington, Indiana. On nights like this, sometimes I miss the Video Saloon. Chalky's reminds me a little bit of the Video Saloon, although it certainly doesn't rate nearly as high on the squalor-o-meter. Next time, though, I'll remember to bring my darts.

Tomorrow . . . I'm off to see the dog show!!
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