Tuesday, July 20, 2004

It's been a wonderful cluster of recent days. This last week I decided, on a bit of a whim, really, to put in my very first
flower garden ever. And yes, it is a modest (perhaps even slightly scruffy) flower garden . . . nothing too fancy . . . a lot of Vinca and Wishbone Flowers (Torenia, which the hummingbirds are supposed to like!), some miniature Dahlia, a few mums, and a miniature Teddy Bear rose bush . . . plus a few more miniature rose bushes in pots, and some Dahlia and Vinca together in a large pot on the porch. The flowers make me so happy, though . . . I added a few more wind chimes and a bird feeder to hang on the porch as well, and now it feels like a pleasant little bower. Once I install an airport card in my laptop and get the wi fi going, I can even take my iBook out onto the front porch and write there, if I want to. I'm also particularly excited because it's been almost a whole week, and I haven't killed my little garden yet. Stuff is even actually blooming!

On Saturday, I went out to Yankton Lake with Susan and Cathy, and we took their dogs on a long walk around some of the hiking trails that surround the lake. We also stopped by the fish hatchery, where I saw the most wonderful assortment of dragonflies: red, brilliant turquoise blue, dark blue with large green heads, and ones with bi-colored wings that created a dizzying optical illusion as they flew. There were also these very sweet, tiny leopard frogs, no bigger than the size of my thumbnail. After the hatchery, we checked out the Aquarium, where there were the ancient paddlefish I had been longing to see, as well as an albino channel catfish, and snapping turtles!

And then when I got home from the lake, I found an acceptance letter from River Styx magazine, taking not poems . . . but a short story! At which point I went over the moon!

I'll be back soon to post pictures from the Black Hills and the Badlands, and please e-mail me with your snail-mail address if you'd like to receive a spiffy South Dakota postcard, as I still have about five left.

On a final note, I was working this morning and looked up to find the Bean Bean wearing my hat. What's up with that?
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